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Tachometer/bladeshaft rpm gauge

The tachometer/bladeshaft rpm gauge on the FS 6600 D and FS 4800 D indicates engine rpm or bladeshaft rpm. Bladeshaft rpm range is color coded to gear selection position.

Three speeds

On the FS 6600 D and FS 4800 D, the gearbox shift lever is used to change the output speed of the engine gearbox. Three speeds and two neutral positions are standard on 3-speed models. The gearbox shift lever positions are color-coded to match the blade diameter and the bladeshaft rpm decal located on the control panel. Gearbox detent locks the gearbox shift lever in position.

Electric tracking system

Patent pending electric tracking system lets operator make tracking adjustments while cutting.

Hydrostatic drive system

Innovative hydrostatic drive system with balanced dual motor drive system. No belts, chains or gears to adjust.

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